A wooden plate with two shoes on it

Showcasing Beautifully Crafted Wood Sculptures by Don Maul

If you are interested in wood art, you will surely love the works of Don Maul. At Bighorn Wood Art, we showcase exquisite wood turnings masterfully crafted by the gifted artist.

We are proud to exhibit the beautiful, and unique sculptures of Don Maul, a talented artist who works with wood as his primary art medium. Through his inspiring works, he not only shows off his artistic prowess but also highlights the deep and colorful nature of the Native American culture.

Creating Wood Sculptures

Don is a highly skilled and creative craftsman who creates exceptional wood turnings and carvings. In creating his pieces, he elevates the natural beauty of the medium by using figured wood and various enhancement techniques.

Infusing Culture and Art

Throughout the years, Don has traveled to places where early Native Americans have lived. He developed an interest in their culture and art, which eventually influenced his artistic style and designs. Currently, Don uses both simple and intricate techniques to craft pieces that encapsulate the Native American culture and spirituality.

Where to Purchase Bighorn Wood Art by Don Maul

All of Don’s art is available for purchase. If you are interested, contact us today.

If you are ever in Jackson Hole, WY, you can view Don Maul's artistic visions in person by visiting Horizon Fine Art Gallery at:

30 King Street
Jackson Hole, WY 83001